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  1. How do the institutional traders use this alert? What scenario might they be faced with and use this alert to their advantage?

    How might other users benefit from this alert?

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  2. There are a number of different ways that this alert is used by institutional traders. One very common way is like a beacon or a news flash. If you are an institutional trader and you are seeing large block trades going off in the stock you are trading or in a the same sector it may prompt you to find out what is going on? Some news could be breaking. It can also tell you that there are dealers willing to do big blocks, so if you need to buy one or sell one you could potentially find a counter party.

    As traders we are constantly looking to ride the wave of institutional buying or selling. When 100K blocks print there is little question that an institution is at work. Much like vultures circling a lion kill our block alerts give traders the heads up of where the action is.

    Best ,
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  3. We added the ability for you to look at multiple lists in our alerts. Before you had to select one, now you can select several. For example if you had your portfolio split between two lists like: Long Positions and Short Positions, you choose them both and follow them in one alert window. Here is the description from the what's new section.

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  4. We hear from many different people that today's markets are notoriously difficult to trade because of a lack of volume and follow through.

    It is true that the market today is completely different than the one many people became accustomed to in 97-2000. However, that said there is no doubt in our minds based on what we see, that opportunity to make money still exists EVERY SINGLE DAY !! It is just a question of being able to adjust to what the market is doing. We recently received the following question.


    Is it possible to filter your alerts by volume? For example, I would only be interested in channel breakouts in high volume stocks over $15.



    I thought this question was important because it is a good start.
    This gentleman is looking for a tool that can show channel breakouts in high volume stocks. But you can take it a step further with our alerts. You can look at channel breakouts in high volume stocks that are also trading above average volume for this time of day. The min current volume filter on our system is specifically designed to help with this type of anemic market.

    The point I'm trying to convey is that we are constantly trying to give our users opportunity to spot moves in stocks that are following through, no matter how "bad" the overall market may be.

    Even in the worst of times someone is making money ;-)
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  5. We had given you the ability to link your alerts to Yahoo finance as proof of concept. Now you can save your chart settings on Yahoo finance using our alerts so that everytime you click on a symbol, all your studies will be saved. You can actually link it to other websites as well. Currently we are in the process of integrating with REDI Plus, other systems will follow. Here is the link.

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  6. jsemmel


    Would it be possible to program in alerts when stocks cross their 5 minute high and low, as well as their 30 minute hi and low. By this I mean the high of the first 5 minutes of trading, etc.

    I very much like your concept and implementation, and use the alerts most every day. It fits in well with my scans, which produce text files of stocknames. These provide great filters for different trade types.

    The above alerts would make my trading style much more effective.


    Jeff Semmel
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  7. Jeff,

    Thanks for your question and compliment. I am going to forward this to our tech team and be back with you shortly, to see if it is something that we could impliment quickly.

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  8. cashonly

    cashonly Bright Trading, LLC

    That is so cool! So smart!

    Now, let us have a few more of the custom options so we can open windows from multiple sites with just one click! ie, we could have a cbs market watch news link, an bigcharts intraday chart link, a yahoo multiday chart link, a link to an options website to check out the volatility, and a link wallstreetcity to pull up all stocks in this stocks group and see where they are.
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  9. We are adding info to FAQ about the integration with REDI plus.

    You can now go from alert to trade in two mouse clicks. Here are some important notes.

    1) You need to start REDI Plus first, before you open an alert window.

    2) This first integrated version brings up a new montage window the firts time you click on an alert. That means you will have to set your links once in the morning to have a one click montage and charts integration. We are working to make this better, but it is completely functional.

    3) The browser setting you have to change is also a one time set up to make Trade Ideas a secure site.

    Hammer will be next and probably RealTick after that. If you have other suggestions just let us know.

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  10. We have now completed the integration of our alerts with eSignal. You can click on a symbol in an alert window and populate your eSignal Level 2 or charts. It is very fast.

    This integration works with eSignal embedded brokers like MB Trading as well. So you are able to click on a symbol in an alert window, quickly see the level 2 and chart and place a trade instantly.

    Here is a link that describes the set up:

    If there are any questions please let us know.

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