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Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by SocalTrader, Oct 21, 2002.

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  1. We have added new advanced filters to our alerts.

    1) You can now filter for size on the bid or offer for either NYSE or NASDAQ stocks. You can say show me any alert but only when there is at least some minimum size on the bid or offer when the alert takes place.

    2) We are now doing real-time volume comparisons so you can filter and say only show me stocks that are trading 2 times as much as they normally do at this time of day.

    This filtering creates very specific set up situations that are much more tradable. Here is the link to the help describing the filters:

    Just to clear things up there is a free trial, however, in order to use the free trial you have to go through Pay Pal.

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  3. We just added six new alerts. There will be an email announcement sent but I like to give Elite users a heads up:

    1) Gap Up Reversal
    2) Gap Down Reversal
    3) Channel Breakout
    4) Channel Breakdown
    5) New High Bid (filtered)
    6) New Low Ask (filtered)

    Here is a link to the description. More cool stuff is on the way!
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  4. Hi Elite,

    Based on your requests we have just added the ability to add sounds to the alerts. This is good for alerts that happen very infrequently. You can create an alert window for those types of alerts, set the sounds and keep it minimized until you near something. The nice thing is that you can record your own voice so you can have the alert say "Hey Pull this up it's making highs with 35K on the bid"
    Here is a link for more information on this new feature.
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  5. Very nice work SoCal!
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  6. We are working very hard to make this the killer alerts product on the market and have really appreciated all the feedback from Elite. More cool stuff is on the way :)
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  8. This is to help explain the difference between our product and some of the other products on the market like Neovest, Neoticker, etc.

    Is this like a black box?
    Yes and no.

    The technology behind the Trade-Ideas alerts server is similar to a black box. It receives all price data on all relevant stocks in real time. It compares this data to known patterns, which are confirmed by historical data. It reports when there is a pattern match, in real time. The output is far more concise than the input because of all the filtering. A black box will typically make specific recommendations like "buy CSCO" or "short QQQ". Trade-Ideas does not make specific stock recommendations. Instead we point you to interesting market events, so you can examine these and decide for yourself what to do. Using Trade-Ideas is like having a room full of assistants watching the market for you. These people do not have trading authority, but they know what you want to see.

    Is this like a stock screener?

    Trade-Ideas examines the same data as a stock screener, and there is some overlap in the types of analysis, but the presentation is completely different.

    Stock screeners typically update on a regular basis, maybe every 15 minutes, maybe more often if you ask. Trade-Ideas is looking at the data on a tick by tick basis.
    Stock screeners always produce a list of the top stocks, which is ordered by the user's criteria. Trade-Ideas works in a streaming fashion, where the most recent alert is presented on the top of the list, as it happens.
    Stock screeners always present the same number of symbols, as specified by the user. Trade-Ideas allows you to control the average rate at which you see alerts, but we will present you with more alerts when more interesting things are happening, and fewer alerts when fewer interesting things are happening.
    Stock screeners are like the six o'clock news, and Trade-Ideas is like a special news bulletin. "Have you ever wondered why there is always exactly the same amount of news every night?"

    Hope this helps
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  9. To Elite users:

    We added a filter to set highs and lows to specific time: 52 week, monthly, weekly or any type of days filter is now available. Just set the filter to the number of days you want to screen. Example 52 week highs=365 in the filter field.

    We added throttles to the running up/down, consolidation, and channel break alerts. Users are able to put in a number between 1 and 10 in the filter field. The higher the number the higher the quality of the alert. Higher quality alerts appear much less frequently. This filtering is designed to give users that additional level of flexibility in being able to watch only very specific situations that are of interest.

    The product is continuing to evolve and we appreciate all of the feedback.

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  10. We have just released the Block Print alert. This alert, alerts you when any stock has a single print over 20K by default. You can then set the share threshold to whatever amount you want above 20K. This was requested by our institutional customers but I thought Elite traders may want to check it out. Here is a link to the description.

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