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Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by SocalTrader, Oct 21, 2002.

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  1. This thread is for anyone who has questions or comments regarding our recently released alerts software. This will be a continuation of the thread Real-Time Alerts software that is in the Software section.


  2. Elite was kind enough to move the Real-Time Alerts thread to this section so feel free to post in either thread.
    1. I can name the custom filter as the window name, but can the window also display the name of the stock list I'm using?
    2. If I create a custom list, it will filter to the other open windows if I hit refresh, correct?
    3. Or can I create different lists for different groups of windows and keep them seperate?
  3. Hi Jake,

    You can create as many different stock lists as you like and name them accordingly. This is done in the edit symbol list section of Advanced features.

    You can then have an alert window that is also named to fit the list or something else that makes sense. That is done in the Alerts configuration screen toword the bottom. Example is in the Real-Time Alerts Section; Scalp Trader, Bull Watcher are just names we gave to those pre configured windows.

    Once you create your lists you can have any window look at any particular list of stocks or at the entire universe of stocks. In the alerts configuration screen there is a section called Choose Symbol list. It defaults to the entire univesre, but once you create your lists you should see them under the entire universe selection. Just click to the left of your stock ist name to select it and then click accept changes at the bottom of the alerts configuration sceen.

    Please let me know if this clears things up for you.

  4. Htrader

    Htrader Guest

    I like the website. Only prob is there is really too much info right now. I would like to see percentage triggers. Lets say I only want to see the alerts on stocks that are down x % or up x %. This would really cut down on the noise.
  5. Dear Htrader,

    Once you set up an alert window in the Start section, you can have that window alert you to only one or several alert conditions that interest you. If you log in you can access more custom features like setting up stock lists so that your alerts are even more tailored to you.

    Just an FYI because we get this question frequently the first page is not the product, but a demo of what it can do.

    Our alerts are always looking at at least 4 criteria that include volume, volatility, price, and % so that the alert triggered is statistically significant.

    Try setting a window to just running up/down alerts and or their confirmed counterparts. You will get the %movers you are looking for that way, it will tell you also if it is a brisk move or a channel break etc.

    Please let me know if this helps.


  6. We have had many emails asking why is it that when someone inputs a few very active stocks like DELL, CSCO, MSFT there is time when the alert window is just empty?

    The answer is we are specifically trying to filter out the noise so that you are only looking at statistically significant movement. Also the less alerts you check in the configuration screen the less alerts will come across the window.

    If you would like to see many alerts, select all of the alert options and either watch the entire stock universe or add more stocks to your stock list.

    Hope that helps
  7. Do you offer Windows software or is it completely browser-based?
  8. Right now the software is only in Browser form. We added various configuration features to make it easy on users. We have a downloadable version for internal use and are looking for feedback as to if we should offer it as a product. Is there something particular that you are looking for that the browser version is not able to do?
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