Trade idea: Japanese YEN Futures

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by Nighthawk, Apr 11, 2019.

  1. I haven´t posted here for a while, I guess. Maybe even longer than a "while". LOL!

    Anyway, opportunity arising in JPY CME Futures.

    JPY Futures.JPG

    Very clear, easy set up. No rocket science here. Beautiful break out, now re-test of trend line. Should be making next upward move soon.

    Target: 0.93585.

    Risk: make an informed guess! ;=)
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  2. maxinger


    another way of looking at it ...

  3. Overnight


    Just to be snarky, don't you mean 0.009?

    0.93 etc would be something like 2,000,000 ticks. Hehe!
  4. Well, that would be fantastic, or? :D

    Anyway, buying the "dips"!
  5. EOD = delta hedge in place. Bought some more futures MOC. Now, either JPY will do another leg down before doing the nasty rally or we will rally right away from EOD closing price. We shall see.

    Anyway, ready to rumble!
  6. So, if my math is right, turn-around-Tuesday is just about to make this a profitable set up...

    Let´s see.
  7. US Trade Representative Lighthizer:
    • Says US, Japanese top trade officials discussed goods, including agriculture, and digital trade in Washington talks
    • Says US side raised concerns about "very large" trade deficit with Japan, agreed to meet in the near future
    I guess, the fun in JPY has just started.....:D:D:D