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    I got this in an email today, just thought I'd post it for anyone interested:

    In light of the crisis that has struck the heart of the World Financial
    Center the stock market will obviously be extremely volatile this upcoming
    week. As all professional traders are aware, volatility in the markets is
    one of the many ways that traders profit. Due to the cause of the
    volatility, I am challenging all traders who profit from this atrocity to
    donate their profits or a portion of their profits to one of the many
    established relief funds. I ask you to look into your hearts, remember the
    victims and trade today with all the families and people who are suffering
    in mind.

    The following is a list of organizations that are accepting donations. Each
    organization focuses on a certain cause. Please take the time to review
    them and choose a cause that you would like to contribute to. Your donation
    is tax deductible.

    Please e-mail the following information to so that
    we can share the results of our campaign with you.
    1. Your name
    2. Name of the company you trade with
    3. Name of the organization you're donating to
    4. The amount of your contribution

    Hope World Wide

    The United Way

    Red Cross

    * If you do not wish to donate profits then please consider donating blood.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with all the great traders and the families
    that have been affected by this demonstration of evil. Today we ask that
    you trade hearts with them.
    Thank You.


    Your Fellow Trader