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    I see in several past Futures mags an add for a non optomized trading software that incorporates VSA analysis (volume study) has anyone out there used this or know of it. The concept seems very interesting to determine the buy/sell volume pressure in what ever time price bar your looking at and to get generated signals from this to place your trade. Stocks and Commodities are saying "best intraday signals ever seen".

    Thanks for any replys.
  2. If you search the site for comments regarding "Stocks & Commodities Magazine" one of the interesting things you find out is that the "reviews" of products are not at all unbiased. In fact most of the reviews are favorable, even when the product turns out to be a real dog. Use the "search" command at the top right hand side of the screen, and find out for yourself. Personnally, I am no longer interested in reading the reviews written by Stocks & Commodities contributors. I think what is needed is some kind of organization that doesn't accept advertising revenue, like "Consumer Reports" or instance. Just one man's opinion. Hope you find your answer. Regards, Steve46
  3. If you haven't already done so, do a search for trade guider. there was a couple of recent threads on it.
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    Tradeguider has a 65mb video tutorial you can watch for free.
    Gives a decent representation of what the software offers.

    Dave Scott
  5. I've been trading very much off and on for five years now, still waiting to get into my groove. Honestly, I've never been profitable for more than a few months. But I HAVE been relentlessly studying for years. After a hiatus, I've just begun trading again with real money. Thus, while I believe in myself, don't take any of this as gospel

    In the past, I've used a number of software programs. I've used Tradestation, Fibonaccitrader, Vantagepoint, etc. and have purchased a number of other programs, books, methods, etc. I found that Tradestation and Fibonacci Trader are useful ONLY if you already have a terrific knowledge of the dynamics of trading. They are GREAT tools. I thought Vantagepoint was a huge scam and that I could do better with creative moving averages and money management.

    I finally have decided that simplicity is best and that by relying on price, volume, and support/resistance, I can do a better job with my money.

    I purchased Tradeguider EOD after doing a bit of research, and honestly, I think the signals and analysis are terrific. However, I've only BEGUN to trade utilyzing the software, so please don't blindly take my word for it. ALSO, the program doesn't simply offer buy/sell signals. It is designed to offer clues as to market direction. After you get to know the program for a bit, you DO get to recognize its usefulness. Also, I find that its a tremendous instructional that, even without it, I can see market turns, just by relying on price and volume.

    Thus, its REAL value lies in its ability to teach you when and why markets turn. You can see over and over where the big players buy and sell and how they try to "trick" the small investors.

    Thus, while I'm reluctant to endorse the product (because I want to keep it all to myself) I have to say that it is by far the most valuable trading tool I've purchased in five years. As far as trading intraday, I can't help you, since I don't do that kind of trading anymore. But i'm sure that the intraday version is quite helpful as well.

    Also, nothing is 100%. The software isn't right all the time...but I DO find that it's signals and stops are better than anything I've ever seen or tried in the past five years. The H-Stops really help keep you from doing anything tremendously stupid.

    Well, there you have it. We'll see how I do in the future with this program. I've just shorted Oats and gone LONG sugar. I'll ceratinly post more trades if I'm able to stick it out.

    Hope this helps!