Trade FX with the Big Boys !!!

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  1. Hi Forex traders,

    this is for all the successful forex traders.

    You make a lot of cash every week or month. Thats fine.

    But do you still do business with the little guys ?
    = the little investment companies !!!

    To expand your business you should switch to the big business, still in retail fx. Because there is no limit in making money. And you dont need to found a company, they are offering all retail FX trading.

    Advantages of Big Investment companies & Big Banks
    = your money is safe 100% and you have no limit in making profit.
    i give you the banks and companies they do retail fx.
    Biggest Investment Companies (total capital over 200.000.000 USD).

    smallest to biggest
    -> Vision Financial Markets
    -> Advantage Futures
    -> PFG Best
    -> Gain Capital
    -> Penson
    -> Interactive Brokers
    -> FC Stone
    -> Rosenthal Collins Group
    ->ADM Investor Services (i do business with)
    -> R.J.O. Brien
    -> MF Global (i do business with)

    Big Banks Retail FX
    -> Barclays - Barclays (i do business with)
    -> Citi - CitiFX
    -> RBS - marketindex
    -> ( i do business with)
    -> UBS
    -> Credit Suisse ( i do business with)

    Thats the banks which offer Retail FX on their Homepages.
    Of course you can trade Retail FX with almost every big bank if you have enough money to trade, just ask the bank (minimum should be 1.000.000,- $ for opening an account.)

    And of course check "Currenex".

    I always check the big banks for retail fx + futures trading.
    There are jumping more and more of them on this train.

    Maybe i could help some people.

    (If i miss some big boy, please add it.)

  2. hi, ve found more.

    -> Sparkassen Broker (only for germans, CFDs) = Big german Bank union. retail

    -> (CFDs, not for US residents) = big german direct bank. retail

    Credit Suisse is current the best for me. i love this guys. Schwitzerland rules. :) Can trade spot, termin & swaps there.
    retail for wealthy clients

    By the way, is here anyone, who trades with Deutsche Bank Autobahn ???
    If yes tell me your opinion please, i am interested in their service + software. How much is minimum for get access to their institutional service for a individual, is 500k € enough ???

    Whats with HSBC? any experience ?
    (Why not do business with the biggest bank in the world ???)

    I dont want to found a company to go on with my work with the big boys. So if there is someone who trades with another Big Bank the FX market, please just tell me short whats your opinion of your Broker Bank Service.

    Thank you very much
    FX rules !!!:p
  3. Hye,
    Now MFGlobal is out of the picture..
    Being big broker, its seems out..

    What other do you recommend.. i am looking to deposit $20-25K.. do you know any good broker..?

  4. My opinion is to spread out your money across several dealers and make frequent withdrawals to rebalance monthly.

    But this is just my opinion and not a recommendation. Since all of the dealers are thieves you will always be taking chances.

    Hold your money close to your vest and do not post publically about how you trade. No one has to know your total net worth as you do not have any large amounts in one place.
  5. I definitely agree with your point..

    So does that mean its dangerous to open account..

    I am trying to deposit $20K and trade professionally

    Whats your view? I am looking at currenex prime broker, do you think its the best manner to go with..

    I was also thinking to diversify say 10K and open with 2-3 brokers.. Or you think thats better, but than won't get currenex from real ecn broker..

    Which broker you dealing currencies with ?
  6. philipjb,

    I think it is best for you to understand that because I am a US resident, I am limited to only a handful of dealers.

    You say trade professionally...I have a question for you...Are you a CTA? ... are you a resident of the USA?


  7. I am not resident of the USA.
    I reside in Dubai and Pakistan..

    I am mainly looking to work with UK based brokers.. I think the segregation of funds help to keep our hard-earned money secure..

    Whats your view?

  8. philipjb,

    First, I need you to define what trading professionally means to you?...It will affect my answer.

    To me trading professionally means that you will be trading OPM (other peoples money) not just family and friends...

    Being that you do not reside in the USA, you have the entire world of dealers open to you (assuming you are retail and not really a professional). but if you are "trading professionally" then you need to get a platform that connects to the various bank feeds and have a lot more capital than 20 or 30K.

    so again...are you a retail spot forex trader that throws out the word "professionally" just to indicate your commitment?


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