trade from USA...but 5 DAX problems happen to you?

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  1. trade from USA but 5 DAX problems happen to you?
    1-mess up your account with Euro and USD coverting?
    2-effect available for margin amounts because of converting back and forth?
    3-your p&l feature on your platform does not confiqure for both euros and USD...only for one?
    4-bad, very poor exchange rate given from usd to euros and back etc.?
    5-anything else?
    want to trade it from the USD...I am set up to...but...had concerns about this...thanks for any input...
  2. Items 1, 2, and 4 should not be a problem with most reputable brokers. Item 3 is a problem for my platform, NinjaTrader, but I work around it (reports non-USD PnL as USD).
  3. bingo JF...exactly what I was thinking on #3...guess I just will work around it and use mental you like the DAX?...It really interests me because you only need to trade 1 contract compared to many, many ES or YM contracts...your thoughts???
  4. another question was...what if Eurex goes down?...does Eurex have a floor where I can call in an order (to my USA broker) to exit a position I might have? do you protect yourself?
  5. Hedge in a correlated, electronic market (S&P, CAC 40, FTSE 100).
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    eurex never goes down. they are germans.

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    Yes it does. But it happens very rarely. One of my worst losses was when it went down, stayed closed for about 1/2 hour and then of course gapped against me. I did not hedge anywhere since I did not plan for it at the time.

    Eurex is fully electronic no floor.

    Also the statements are really easy to figure out. The broker just take part of your funds and converts them to euro. At the end of the statement you can see everything totaled in USD.

    For those trading from US current exchange rate if really good, that is if you are winning of course.

    As far as P/L goes, ti is best to think about everything in ticks and not $ or Euros. YOu can configure Ninja to show P/L in ticks (points).

    DAX is a great contract, but if you do not know what you are doing, it will destroy your account extremely fast.

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