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  1. Awhile back I started a journal. The link is

    Now I am restarting it again. My goal is to raise awareness on hunger. I will be posting the result at end of day. If you find my S/R line useful then please make a small donation (could be $1) to your favorite food charity or to one my favorite which can be found at

    Donation will be on a monthly basis. Once you make a donation, just email me the receipt and I will include you in my email list which I send out the S/R line at premarket. Thank you.

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    I will follow it and donate as well. Best of luck with it. Do you post how you pinpoint your s/r lines and what numbers from MP you choose?
  3. Hi here are the results for today. We have 5 winners, 1 loser and 1 break even. I won't go into details as how I came up with these lines. My hope is that you will find it useful and make a contribution. You can see the result in more details at my blog.
  4. Slow day today. Only one signal hit but for a nice gain in the NQ short.
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    ok, I know you won't devulge how u get the s/r level, but in order for something to be called a win or a loss, there needs to be a few things established right?

    like after how many ticks do you trade breakout if it goes thru, and then where is stop placement...
    is this all discretionary?

    and how many ticks stop if you trade against it?

    otherwise, I don't understand the difference between your s/r level and any other level/line/price that is hit in the trading day...

  6. Lundy, you are right. If you have the chance to go to my blog I wrote the rules to make it straight forward. Here it is

    Wiggle Room Rule:

    Sometimes price come very close to the S/R Line and not touch it. To make it consistent, I apply the following wiggle room rule for me to start to look for entry.
    YM: 7pts, ES: 0.75pt, NQ: 1.75pt, ER: 0.5

    Stops Rule: from the line
    YM: 25pts, Es: 2.5pts, NQ: 5pts, ER 2pts

    This is a fading system. It work best on range day. I only count first time around of the S/R line as valid.
  7. Sorry, been a little busy the last few days. Here is the result for last Thursday. We have 5 winners and 2 loosers.
  8. And here is today's result. We have 3 winners.
  9. I forgot to mention that there was not any signals on last friday.
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    thx for clearing that up, I will follow your thread, and your blog, and if there is value, (upon closer inspection), I will be sure to donate.
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