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    I decided to help one trader to pay back to the community, I told him all kinds of stuff that I knew which he seemed to pretty much ignore so I dusted my hands off and said "my work is done here".

    I started with tradestation 2000 some years ago to learn setups, indicators, moving averages, etc. It comes canned with about 700 to start with and you can add more. I'm finding that the typical setup I like involves up to 4 indicators. The combinations of 4 indicators work out to 700 x699 x698 x697. Do the math... wait, maybe I better do it for you.. it's about 698.5 to the 4th power... where is that HP calculator...... it's about 237 billion combinations. Good luck!!
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  2. Interesting statement with no basis whatsoever, except maybe your own blown out account! :D

    These 'you can't make money in futures' guys are so funny. It is true, someone is taking your money when you lose. The game is not full of losers just exchanging money, there are some winners out there. And that does not include your broker.
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  3. Check out this guys blog. He spends money like its water. I know a few other people who are doing pretty well.
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    SUre he didnt just inherit it??

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  6. TiCK works pretty good for VIX jsut a little bit different.
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  7. TiCK works pretty good for VIX jsut a little bit different.:)
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    If You finds derivative (index), who constantly goes towards 14 and returns constantly towards 12, and never goes below 10.
    And you are only LONG on this product.

    Also, You take your profit, some ticks 20/30. Perhaps each day?
    [like entry at 129.25 exit at 131.25, big account (8500 by contract, like this, no stop loss needed!)]
    Or 3 contracts with scale-out-orders [15-75-250 ticks]

    That you think about it!

    see the (may be) solution at :

    [VX Future]
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