Trade ES or YM for a Living

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  1. Out of the 70 trades in our live trading serivce, about 5 are actually making a decent living. Trading isn't easy .. :(

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  2. everybody wants to make a living doing it. few are willing to do what it takes

    reminds me of ronnie coleman's saying about bodybuilding...

    "everybody wants to be a bodybuilder, but they don't want to lift the big weights"
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    Wow. Kudos to you for putting yourself out there with that kind of information!
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  4. fwiw, i use market profile (in re: dalton)

    it's a useful model

    as are conventional charts.

    anybody looking to it as some sort of grail - will be dissapointed
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  5. thanks to the great posts...back to my Starbucks and 10/20 MA crossover study...
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  6. No worries. PureTick was built on honesty. Some people dislike my marketing tactics but its necessary evil.

    I don't want people to join our service and think they have an easy path ahead of them. They'll just be disapointed.

    P.S. That was supposed to read "traders" .
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    I cant tell you why no one will share their success with you, or even give you a hint of even one indicator they use. Because they dont, THEY DONT KNOW EITHER, so your not alone. In the year or so I've been reading these threads I've noticed one common theme, HUGE EGOS. These guys post their win loss sheets, to see who is best. A little kiddy like dont ya think. I will tell you what I use, and I'm gonna write right here where EVERYONE CAN SEE IT, even the supposed guys that " DO TRADE FOR A LIVING, but OH CANT SHARE LOL. What a joke...really. They would be SELLING IT IF THEY HAD IT. Woodies CCI, and I make a living. Free charts, free help, free everything. Given away. Trader helping Traders. Now that is what this website should be, but instead its got the huge egos running around like infested bugs.
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    Well, I don't honestly think it's anything like that, at all. Traders go through phases, discovery phases if you will, and one of the phases deals with the discovery of indicators, and then the trial and error of many different indicators looking for the one true grail. In the end, for me, I have a couple hanging around, but I rarely use them, and even then only for casual reinforcement of what I am thinking/seeing. IOW, in my opinion, price is what matters and that is how I trade. If you can trade in a chat room then more power to you, but I think that is the phase right after indicators, and I don't think chat rooms are the home of many profitable traders. In the end, experience is what matters, and you don't get that from an indicator or a chat room.
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    so what is this? did you get some help or not? :confused:
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  10. I'll tell you why we don't answer... the OP is a non-believer. Just read the opening thread. Personally, I'm not interested in proving anything to anyone except to my bank account and the IRS. With a non-believer thread, it turns into you can do it, no you can't. Plenty of other threads around ET to play that game, and totally on topic. If the OP has specific questions I'm sure there are many who would offer up some useful advise.

    Of course there are traders that make a living trading YM and/or ES and/or other instruments. There are also people at Procter & Gamble that sniff armpits for a living. Believe it or not.

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