Trade ES or YM for a Living

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  1. Is there anyone that reads these forums that really and seriously makes a living trading the ES or YM???...serious responses only please...seriously, what set-ups do you use?...what indicators, what moving averages...thanks in advance!!!! making a living other job at wherever...
  2. I could not understand your 2nd question. For a minute I thought you asked
    'what set-ups do you use?...what indicators, what moving averages.'
  3. LOL

  4. yes, i make a living doing it

    mostly YM, but a little corn and oil as well

    i don't use any indicators. i might use a 20 ema as a frame of reference, but no lagging indicators , no MA crosses, etc.

    that's what retail traders use (generally speaking. )

    retail traders lose money
  5. seriously...let's get real...who makes a living trading the YM or ES???...seriously.....
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  7. seriously... let's get real... wtf is going to hand you anything?
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    I see, you think porgie asking for a hand out?
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    Let's see here....I have spent probably 90+ percent of every possible market day between about October 1997 and including today sitting in front of my screens trading. It took MANY 10's of thousands of dollars before I could pull a great living out of my markets. If you want, let me just show you everything I've learned....Hell, you could come over and just sit here for free, and after you've learned everything I know we could take a horse or two out and ride the trails. Just lmk when you wanna come by....

    :D NOT! :p
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