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  1. I have been daytrading for about 9 months now, and for the most part I have learned trading through reading and daily experience. I am looking for a way to educate myself to the next level with some actual training and I would like advice on any reputable trading instruction. There are so many firms that offer seminars for trading, but I don't have any idea which companys offer the best trading instruction. :confused:


  2. The best education a trader can get is by doing it the hard way, trading.

    Keep your size under control and gain the experience.
  3. Hi Christopher,

    I have been daytrading for a few months now and have the same question. Going through some of your recent posts, it appears that you are doing considerably well since you posed this question few years ago. Could you please enlighten me with what you did to improve your trading skills?

    What do you most recommend to become a successful trader? More reading? Interaction with fellow traders (on ET or elsewhere)? Simulated trading or trading with small size? Seminars or instructions?

    Appreciate if you can take some time to respond to this post.

  4. Daal


    at least make an effort to make your bs post more believable next time :)
  5. Unfortunately some folks like me attempt to learn only after (making and) losing big money.

    Thanks for your sweet nothings...let me offer you my other cheek for you to slap me harder.
  6. I have to give you credit for digging up a SIX 1/2 year old post moron!

    e p