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    Well i have

    I dont have any plans to use these.. if someone is interested PM me with an offer.. partnerships welcome
  2. No offense, but you just registered these names within the last 2 months. In fact, was registered a few minutes ago. Why would anyone give you money.. let alone "partner" with you???

    You may want to peddle your names on DNforum, Domainstate, or Namepros.....

    Moderators, this is borderline spam
  3. I agree, this is absolute garbage
  4. Just a tidbit of are way to late to be getting into domain speculation. That was prime before "brand name" companies had registered their domains and there were really only 2 major extensions. You could have made a killing being the first to register,, etc. Now, all the big brands have their sites and any new startups will either change the extension they get or modify the name.

    Sorry you wasted your money...but have fun with your new domains. :D
  5. Actually thats completely wrong.. If you register a trademarked name and try to sell it, you not only will lose the name, but will be fined 100k. Domaining is actually quite hard work, and there are a lot of misconceptions out there.

    Check out, DNForum, Domainstate, and Namepros to get a better idea of the domaining industry.
  6. Now....yes.....but back in 1991 when the WWW was just coming up? I am no expert on "domaining" and I am certainly not an attorney but I doubt they had any laws at all related to domain registration for quite some time after the birth of the web.
  7. Valid point.. I got involved in 94-95 and the laws then were that you were going to lose you name if it was trademarked. I actually trademarked a few of my names in '96 for this reason alone. They added the 100k fine a few years later. But i don't know how it was before that.

    If you didn't make your money by grabbing names during that time period, you could still make a killing post 2000.. and many did. They simply buy names that they think are underpriced (1-5k) range and flip them for (20-30k) Do that a few dozen times.. and your set.

    DNjounal is another site which is basically "the" weekly newsletter about the industry as well... But again, your point is well taken.
  8. These kind of names are almost a dime of dozen. You can go into places that sell "Expired Domains" and look up ones that others abandoned. Takes a lot of patience, but several word good domains are available. And if not, these registrars will slap on "MY" or something on it, to suggest things you can buy...

    What you are offering is common on EBay for peanuts...

    I own a couple of good domains in several fields, and picked them up for nothing. Anyone can do that.