Trade Desk Clerk - Salary Question

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Chris Paciello, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. What is the typical salary for a 24hr Trade Desk Clerk/Terminal Operator? For all markets. Can there be good money made in this type of position?

  2. I work the late afternoon/evening shift at a futures trade desk and I make $60,000. That's probably on the low end, I'd also like to know what the average is.
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    @BillySimas (first post, not sure what the protocol is) I'm looking for a job that I believe is similar to yours, an afternoon/evening clerk job. I have worked as a trader at a couple prop shops for the past 8 years and now I'm looking to earn steady income while I trade the morning equity hours from home. I am from Chicago as well. I have a computer science degree but have no real knowledge of the subject any more and I know a lot of positions are looking for something specific such as SQL/PERL, etc. What are some necessary comp skills for this type of position? Is there a way to land a job that will allow time to train/ self-teach (obviously requiring less pay)? Also, is it best to look up firms and apply directly or did you find your gig at a job site? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you very much in advance.
  4. You would need licenses like the Series 7 (equities), Series 3 (futures) and maybe the Series 34 (forex), depending on what products you're involved with. I believe the latter two do not require firm sponsorship, meaning you can study and take them on your own. I've been there for 4 years, I just found the job ad online. There should be jobs available within brokerage firms in a customer service type role, but having your licenses for those jobs would still be ideal. Knowledge of the markets would be important but there are no specialized skills you'd need to have with computers.

  5. I didnt think these jobs even existed anymore with electronic trading taking over.

    I would have to say limited upside, and not a career. If you are starting out and want a job to get you some exposure in the markets its good. But not really a career path as a clerk.
  6. Not sure what you're talking about here, my job is all electronic trading, it wouldn't exist without it. We're an online brokerage firm. My friend has a job at a hedge fund executing orders for a gray box type of strategy that they use. We have similar roles, I'm just executing orders for clients while he's executing them for his company.
  7. He was probably thinking Floor Clerk
  8. I guess my point was that while they do "exist" they are far less common than they were b/4 electronic trading became popular.

    My point is that jobs that involve"working orders" on the buy-side as well as executing orders for sell-side clients are probably 5% of what they were 5-10 years ago.

    That is both on the floor as well as upstairs trading environments.
  9. It's not bad......Good for earn money extra