Trade Chart Patterns Like The Pros

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    There is a great new book written by Suri Duddella (ET member suriNotes) entitled "Trade Chart Patterns Like The Pros" that covers 65 chart patterns with specific trading techniques. What sets this book apart is that its written in a clear and concise manner from a trader's perspective with large instructional charts and precise entry and exit recommendations. This book is full of practical advice from a seasoned trader that uses these methods every day in his successful trading practice. On the subject of trading chart patterns, I've found the book to be extremely valuable and would be interested in learning what other think. Since the book is self-published by Suri, its only available on his website.

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    REVIEW by Michael Steinhardt? I thought he do MP only.
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    I found the Table of Contents to have enough references
    to interesting chart ideas that I ordered it just now.
    Mebbe I'll post a review after it arrives.
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  5. Suri, I ordered your book. Since you gave yourself such a rave review, I had to have it!
  6. Hi the4xczar,

    Thanks for your order...

    The reviews are written by many traders and technical analysts (not by me). The book has been well received by great financial community across the globe with excellent reviews...

  7. I was talking about the reviews on the elite trader site. It looks interesting, so I'm looking forward to checking it out.
  8. The book may or may not be a good one...However the marketing act is a little obvious really...Why don't you guys get a room...:D
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