Trade at office or at home?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by TraderGreg, Jun 19, 2008.

  1. Trade at office or at home?

    Note: this is for self-employed, professional traders
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    I am in the process of getting an office because trading from home has led to a very lazy existence.

    I personally need to get up and leave my place for the day.

    I know it is many peoples dream to work in their boxer shorts but not mine.
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    Honestly, it depends all on you. I prefer the office approach, it aids me in drawing the line between business and everything else.
  4. Been trading mostly at home for a few decades now. It can get really boring and isolating. I did a stint at Bright for awhile in 1998/99 when the SF office had 20 traders. I enjoyed that. Good fun.

    Problem for me working in an office however is two fold.

    1) I get influenced too much by what others think. Keeps me out of some of my trades, and sucks me into some of theirs. So my bottom line is better when I am solo.

    2) Often trade in the middle of the night if shit's hitting the fan in Europe. I could have two full hardware setups, and therefor do both. It would be overkill though, and a pain in the ass keeping both up to date with the correct front months in my charts, etc. Too much hassle.

    Therefor, although I don't really like it, I will probably continue to work from home. For several years I had a partner who traded very similar to myself, and we traded from an office in my house. This actually was the best of both worlds.