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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by alain, Feb 1, 2003.

  1. alain


    Dear Traders

    We want to program a new software which we want to make available to all traders either for free or at a very little cost.

    The reason for this Thread:
    I have been looking for a software that let's traders import intraday trading data from the electronic account statements from the brokers and generate statistical analysis out of that.

    i.e. You receive your trading statements from Interactive Brokers and then you could simply import that data and get all the statistical information about it.

    Something similar to the Rina Report that is integrated in TradeStation 2000i and latter.

    What the software should do is to give detailed analysis over your past trading activity with all the important statistical figures, equity charts, sharp ratio etc...

    Questions to you:
    - Are there any special features that you would like to have integrated that are helpful for the analysis of past trading data?

    - Would there be an interest in such a software that would be available for free or at a very little cost. (~$30)

    Remarks: This is not a commercial project. This is a company internal project and if it would be of any benefit to others I would be open to share with others.