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    Hello Thread,

    Me and another person are working on a advanced trading analysis spreadsheet that is intended to provide trading feedback to the trader. The Idea came from Nassar's book "Rules of the trade" pg 164. This program when finished is to be distributed as freeware to anyone that wants it. The hope is that the community of daytraders that make improvements will also continue the sharing aspect of this freeware program and let us know what they did to improve it. This program will be able to answer questions such as:

    Do i make the majority of my unprofitable trades long or short?
    What timeframe of the day to i make most of my successful trades?
    How good are my entry points?
    Whats the holding time of the majority of my winners?
    How many shares am i usually holding that turn into losers?

    I am sure it can answer many more questions. At this point, i am looking for feedback on anything that could potentially be added to the program that will improve a traders feedback in their trading. Again to recap, you can view a portion of what this program is at

    One thing that is missing right now on the picture on the webpage, is the "Time of day" aspect. It will have a section where the trading day will be broken evenly into 3 sessions. Morning,lunch,and afternoon.

    Also, the following is also going to be incorporated into the program on the Equity Curve side of the

    - Equity Graph-

    Equity graph with user selectable settings.
    {Equity curve based on Time.}
    {Equity curve based on # of trades made}

    User can select timeframes to report the above information.

    Rolling Periods
    Last 5 day Rolling window.
    Last 20 day Rolling window. (rolling 1 month of trading)
    Last 60 day Rolling window. (rolling 3 month of trading)

    Fixed calander timeframes
    Week to date
    Month to date.
    Last 3 months to date
    Last 6 months to date

    Year to Date.

    Hope this interests you. Again, if you think something may be added that i am missing, please send a email to, or post a reply here, or you could PM me on SI or find me on in room #BTT-MAX-Traders.

    Thanks for your time,