Trade Analyse Software - What should it have in included?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by alain, Oct 18, 2002.

  1. alain


    In the past few years I have spent some time searching for a software that could do my analysis of my trading results. But I was never able to find such a software, so I started to write my own application in Excel with little VB... well but there have many things to be done manual and some features I wanted to create didn't work.

    Anyway I saw that the guy that is the developer of the TradePerformance Software is looking forward to improve his software. So I think it could be a good idea to collect some ideas what such a software could have included.

    Here are at first my points:
    - European Futures capable
    - Import from the PatsSystems Software
    - Similar Statistical Analyisis like in the Rina Report that is included in TradeStation 2000i
    - Comparison with the underlining data of the trades. (i.e. compare the daily profits with the daily range of the future or currency)
    - Spread Sheet integration for customized formulas.
    - A risk management utility that could give you a warning when your results change dramatically or also take some conclusinons when some statistical data gives critical signs.

    This are the most important features I can directly think of. When I find some more things I will add them.

    Maybe someone else has some input....