Trade AMZN on July 26th

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by qll, Jul 25, 2006.

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  1. qll


    Looks like an easy direction to predict on July 26th.
  2. i dont necessarily like the choice of "easy" and "predict", but i think i can see where you're coming from.

    hope it works out for you
  3. OK...if it's so easy, what will be the closing price?
  4. qll


    don't know. i will post my trades after market close.
    i will trade AMZN and GLW tomorrow. maby also trade some stocks i traded recently at 25% of the volume.
    my % of winning trades are pretty high.
    amzn seems to be easy, not as tricky as NTRI, ATYT which are difficult to predict directions
  5. bttweb


    AMZN might go UP .. u cld have LONG it yesterday and it still ok..
  6. I see big moves during earnings gets your attention, AMZN down, SNDK up. Now the trick is to get in BEFORE the move.
  7. It sounds like this guy just needs to go to Vegas or play online poker.
  8. bttweb


    GLW is a different story ... downtrend in the next few days
    and still ranging during the last few weeks.. i would not trade it now
  9. jj90


    Thanks for sharing more $$ with me, longs.
  10. he never specified which direction did he? i'm assuming he's short...

    at least thats how i see it
    #10     Jul 26, 2006
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