Trade All CME products at 106R Rates

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    To all Trading Groups Trading ANY Electronic CME products.

    You can trade the 6E (euro FX large currency) from as low as $2.43 down to $1.43 RT, regular non-member price = $4.75. A 50% Reduction in your trading costs!

    See below the CME offer for trading groups.

    Rule 106.R. (Electronic Corporate Membership) is designed to significantly reduce total transaction fees on products traded on CME’s GLOBEX® electronic trading platform. It offers the opportunity for proprietary trading groups and trading arcades to qualify for discounted fees.

    Electronic Corporate Member (ECM) firms will be required to either purchase one membership or lease two membership in the division in which they wish to trade. This requirement will be waived through October 2005.

    Groups that are approved for ECM will pay total transaction fees (including GLOBEX charges and clearing fees) of 44 cents per side for foreign exchange, interest rate and E-mini equity index products and 88 cents for large size equity index products traded on the GLOBEX platform – a rate reduction of between 61 and 73% of the standard fee.

    Discounted rates apply to any contract offered on the GLOBEX platform, including E-mini™ S&P 500®, E-mini NASDAQ-100®, Eurodollar and eFXTM futures contracts. GLOBEX trading is available virtually 24 hours a day, five days a week.

    Contact us today to find out if your group can qualify. Also please see our updated commission schedule that includes the 106R section to see what your rates would be under this program.

    Click Here to see the 106R Commission Schedule for the 6E Contract

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