TRADE ALERT - Buy RIMM Oct 2008 105.00 calls

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    Buy RIMM Oct 2008 105.00 calls.
    Earnings September 25 - Thursday after market close.
  2. I have to say 5 bucks apiece looks attractive.
  3. Bought 20 contracts RIMM Oct 2008 105.00 calls @ $4.85.
    Plan to sell on Friday.
    $$$$$$$$$$$$ :)
  4. RIMM is currently in a downtrend since end august. However there seems to be good support at the 95 level (october 07, november 07, december 07 and march 08). I would wait on a reversal of the downtrend before buying any calls even if that ment that I would no buy at the absolute bottom.
  5. Huge bounce after earnings, which is tomorrow. Then sell on Friday for easy money. :)
  6. I guess you have inside info then, since you are so sure that the market will react positively? Also the overall market might be heading never know. There are no sure things or easy money.
  7. After RIMM heads North I will cash in and then fly South for my holidays. :)
  8. Well - good luck for tomorrow's trading! Still I don't know what you base your trading decision on - do YOU?
  9. Yes I DO. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ :)
  10. wenzi


    I wish you luck also. The IV on those calls are pretty high ~82, so I guess you are pretty sure RIMM will make a big move.
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