TRADE ALERT - Buy QQQQ Oct 2008 38.00 calls

Discussion in 'Options' started by forex-forex, Sep 30, 2008.


    • Buy QQQQ Oct 2008 38.00 calls - or 1 strike OTM.
    • 30 contracts.
    • Sometime this week, I'm looking at Wednesday or Thursday
    • Sell Friday or Monday.
    • I will keep ET posted when trade is placed.
  2. gangof4


    can't- lost all my money buying those rimm calls from your last TRADE ALERT thread.

    do you even trade? just wondering, as traders look to their p&l to gauge aptitude, not looking for affirmation from strangers on an annon board.
  3. No updates today

    I will keep ET posted.
  4. rickf


    Just saying "buy this many of that symbol on this date" while offering no analysis, no accounting for position risk, p/l targets, or broader market conditions tells me you're simply offering random and shrill "BuyBuyBuy!" noise. Any of us here could randomly pick symbols and say "go buy it", too.

    Throwing darts at ticker symbols would produce better returns, I think.

    Welcome to my ignore list.

    Buy 30 QQQQ Oct 2008 38.00 calls @ $1.77
  6. Thats a good trade....NOW if the Senate passes the bill and market goes up...SELL the 40's or 41's either 20 or all of them and lock in some profit...HEDGE your risk... create a spread!:p
  7. I actually like the QQQQ as an investment right now. The tech companies have very little debt, and great balance sheets. The idea of cashflow without borrowing is going to be strong IMO.
  8. What are you now? Zero and seventeen?

    I swear you must be the most reliable fade on this board.

  9. It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings
  10. Closed today at $1.21.

    Down 31% in 24 hours.

    Might be a new record of failure for you (at least it will give you something to shoot for with your next terrible call).
    #10     Oct 2, 2008