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    This is one fun instrument, you have to see it to believe it.

    You can work full time during the day. When you are done with your dinner, you can trade for 2~3hrs, pick up a few $$$ before going to bed.

    What a fantastic set up !!!
  2. HSI reminds me of a firehose that no one is hanging on to. Its just shooting all over the place with reckless abandon.
  3. ET99


    if you set your bar chart to 5sec interval, you will see the order within the madness.
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    maybe 5sec is too much for most people.
    try 30sec. that should do it.
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    this is today's 30sec chart. it looks very orderly to me.

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  6. >ET99
    It looks very orderly to me too.

    But my reason for posting is to ask you how you
    got the chart to print in the body of your reply?
    Whenever I attach a chart it is only listed as such.

    Thank you
  7. skepticaltrader

    skepticaltrader Guest

    Which broker do you use to trade HSI?

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    surrreee... looks v orderly to me :D :D
  9. ET99


    you can trade through IB

    if you are in the eastern time zone, you can keep your day job, and still do real time daytrading in the evening.

    winter hours:

    Hong Kong morning session is our time 8:45pm to 11:30pm
  10. Learner,
    Here's how I do it:
    1) Take a screenshot. I use SnagIt.
    2) Save to your desktop.
    3) Go to & upload pic there.
    4) The 2nd option after the pic is uploaded is: IMG Code for Forums & Message Boards:
    5) Copy the code into the post and...


    Once uploaded to tinypic, you can delete off your desktop.
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