trade 2 trade segment

Discussion in 'Trading' started by indian_investor, Apr 2, 2004.

  1. this is my first post at this forum, so a big hello to everyone.

    actually i was holding a stock, which recently got shifted to the trade to trade segment, from cash segment, so i just wanted to know that what's trade to trade segment ? and basically how is it different from cash segment ?

    i also wanted to know what kind of an impact would it have on the stock, positive or negative and why ?i have noticed that the volumes have gone down.( but from the last few sessions the price has been going up, but of course that could be because of many other factors).

    another thing i wanted to know was that the volumes shown besides the stock in a days trade, are the total number of shares traded, both bought and sold, isnt it ?
    so can anyone please explain? .thanks in advance.