Trade $1 million into $50 million

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  1. I am looking for someone with access to $1 million to pay for the architect, engineering, legal, finance, and website on a creative new building. The investor cashes out as soon as the interim financing is secured (inside 6 months). The investor will make $1 million at that time, and the project can continue into 50-100 additional cities. Long term financing is provided by pooling education grants and loans. Interim (20 year) financing is provided by notes sold to the community (similar to a bond, but without the paperwork).

    The building is a safe place for single mothers and their children while mothers go to school. No men are allowed in the building, including the caterers and cleaning crew.

    Indoor lighting from reflected sunlight. A sun/star clock on the roof with a pool. An indoor pool with spotlights for tanning (reflected sunlight). Chutes throughout the building for kids to slide through. Some would be transparent as the kids slid through the common areas and moms could hold up signs saying "time for dinner".

    Each floor will be modular with observation windows where mothers can study or eat or talk while they watch the kids in the center. Day care would happen naturally as the mothers share time to watch. If mothers wish to go out and party, the kids have a slumber party in a common area. Mothers and kids in the neighborhood are also allowed in during the day.

    A toy fund can be spent freely by the kids and replenished once a year. This will teach the kids and mothers budgeting. It will be invested in gold and silver bullion. That toy fund can be used for anything and any costs they cut will be rolled into that fund.

    Management will be performed by the residents and largely automated through state of the art software (see below for more on corporate structure).

    6% commission ($60,000) to the person who finds the right investor. The investor can continue with more buildings in other cities with a potential for $50-100 million (local builders and architects).

    FYI, patents on the lighting system, project and financial architecture are in the works.

    1. partnership of the investor(s), architect, builder, accountant, web developer, and perhaps others as decided later.
    2. partnership is dissolved upon completion of the building.
    3. individual notes are sold to the general public in tiers: $100k, $10k, $1k, and $100. notes are paid back over 20 years without interest.
    4. management of the building is performed internally with a corporation. the women living in the building select one or more of themselves as officers of that corporation. Six month terms with a 2 term limit for all officers.
    5. two bank accounts: one collects money from the financial aid office to pay the note holders, utilities, taxes, catering, cleaning, etc. the other is a "profit" account forming a slush fund that can be spent by the building. kids always have final say on where that money is spent.

    The corporation owns the building until ownership is transferred to the kids after they move out and assuming good behavior.

    Each position within the corporation is filled internally with a mother and kid as co-officers. The mother and child can not be related.

    Some offices have been identified:
    - CEO
    - Security officer
    - Information officer
    - Health officer

    Note: Traumologists must be EMT-certified or in the process of obtaining such (pre-med, nursing, or other students).

    For further details, please contact me. This project is ready to go as soon as the right investor is located.

    Andrew Bransford Brown
    +1 480 406 1401

    Physical address:
    1100 E Lemon Street, B108
    Tempe, Arizona 85281 USA

    Mailing address:
    3370 N Hayden Road, 123-734
    Scottsdale, Arizona 85251 USA
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