Tradable days next week

Discussion in 'Trading' started by kalinka, Nov 23, 2003.

  1. kalinka


    I live in Europe and understand it will be a long
    weekend next week.
    Do you reccomend stopp trading after tuesday or
    Wednesday lunch?
    I trade the e-minis.
  2. What do you care what we recommend? How are we supposed to know if your strategy will work well in a week like this one where people in the US have come up with an excuse to get away from the sad reality of their wasted lives for a couple of days?
  3. Yo, Kafka - Chill Out.

    It's only Thanksgiving for gosh sakes.


  4. dbphoenix


    Do we detect a bit of projection going on here? :eek:
  5. I remember very much looking forward to holidays when my life sucked tremendously, because I was scared of escaping slavery.
  6. kalinka


    Thanks for all informative answers.
    Traders helping traders.
  7. LOL KAFKA!!!

  8. dbphoenix


    To answer your question, a lot depends on how much your particular strategy depends on volume. Mine, for example, does not require a great deal of volume, but it does require some. If traders are just biding time until the final bell, there's no point in my hanging around.

    So if you need volume, take the time off. If you don't . . .
  9. if you like volitility and you're flexible like a lizard and crafty like a fox, the unreasonable swings a thin market can make could be your cup of tea - but if you're asking, sounds like you lack the experience and should stay away - or just watch
  10. LOL. When I saw the title of this thread, something in my brain immediately said: "Walther".

    Sorry, I was too quick in my assumption. No prediction for next week's trading days and times then.
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