Tradable Bond/Interest Rate Futures

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by miki-elephant, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. I am now doing some basic study, which I should have done much earlier.

    I am interested in bond/interest rate futures. There are so many of them in the world, but I am afraid tradable futures are not so many in terms of liquidity.

    I will list below bond/interest rate futures which I think have enough daily volume to trade. Perhaps there are more? Those I think OK are not OK? Please advise. Thanks.

    US, TY, FV, TU, FF
    Long Gilt, Short Sterling, Euribor-3M,
    *Tokyo Stock Exchange
    10-yr Bond
    *SFE (Australia)
    10-Yr Bond, 3-Yr Bond
    *KRX (Korea)
    KTB (3-yr Bond)
  2. Some are more liquid than others but all the above are plenty liquid enough for you. They are all traded by the biggest funds/desk in the world.
    What are you wanting to do as far as trade style/strat?