Tracy Byrnes of Fox News...duh, duh, dumb

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  1. tracy byrnes, of fox's cost of freedom, may officially qualify as a member of DENSA.

    for those interested in watching her spew the financial inaccuracies i quote below, check out this link:

    tracy byrnes: "i have to say, i do think there is some profit taking going on."

    really? thanks for the insight.

    tracy byrnes: "stock prices are still up a good 20% off their highs."

    hmmm, that doesn't seem to make sense.

    tracy byrnes: "i think people are taking money (out of stocks), and i think they're putting it in the bond market, which is probably why the yields are going up".

    tracy, when money goes into bonds, the yields on bonds go down. money has been coming out of bonds.

    tracy byrnes: "the bubble bursted in '99."

    the nasdaq burst in '00, the dow in '01.

    how can this woman have a job on a national financial news program? wow.
  2. doesnt surprise me.

    cnbc all morning have been spilling out crap about stocks when the bond market just went into meltdown and the interest rate curve is causing mayhem.

    they have not interviewed anyone with a from a bond trading background or any bond market information to shed light on this massive sell off.

    just shows you how thick they all really are.

    as far as they are concerned it did not happen.
  3. Who is that Steve Douchebag (the blond) guy on Fox?

    I can see him getting his milk money forcibly seized in elementary school each day. :p

  4. looks like the front cover of hombre or some other gay mag
  5. Is Tracey hot? Because that's all that matters. Who gives a damn about anything else.
  6. lp3yc


    Nah Woof Woof so no idea why she is there