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  1. Vaquero


    Any new news regarding reliability and executions....?
  2. maxpi


    It seems that they are technically, a spin off of mytrack which is fairly reliable.
  3. Toonces


    I haven't been too happy with them. The software used to be very stable, but sometime in the last couple of weeks they were down most of the day. Also, I'm having a problem where if I open the software, it works fine, but after a while, sometimes just a few minutes, it quits working. I go to change a symbol, and all I get is an hourglass, no ability to change the symbol. And it's now taking several minutes to shut down, and a couple additional minutes to start back up.

    I had some spyware problems, but I installed the software on my second computer, and the same issues. I haven't been using TT for trading much, so I haven't made a point of calling them yet, but I will soon.

    Also, I like to use smart order routing, and the software always routes the order to TRAC. Even if there's liquidity through a MM or another ECN. So the order just sits there, because nobody trades with TRAC, except Tracktrade, and there's not very much liquidity anyway.
  4. I want to know if their Equity "half a penny per share" structure
    includes exchange SEC fees also, as IB does?
  5. BStrader


    I have very good experience with myTrack many years,but TT...its a bit better now in full version than before as beta but its very often down but in fact the soft.needs big...really big hardware (1000 RAM) etc like more their england version called daytrader i thin,its better a bit.
    Finally TT is very often frozen but they offer good features and charts.
    never post order to TRAC know why,nobody there LOL