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    Anyone used ? It looks cheaper than IB..with integrated software. Looks to be part of TrackData.


  2. There is always a cheaper one of course, but like with everything in life you only get what you pay for.
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    Great answer. My question was if anyone has used it rather than just make off the cuff remarks.

  4. $99 a month for software.. unless u do some size...

    $30k min. to open an account.
  5. were they part of the ill fated trac ecn??? and what software is that? I can't tell if its original or a private label
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    Trend....have you used it? The software fee is cheap..and easy to overcome...from their www site:


    In order to receive a full rebate of the $99 monthly software fee, you must exceed the minimum monthly amount of trading in either equities, options, or futures. The fee will be waived if you meet one of the following criteria (no mixing and matching):
    100,000 equity shares
    500 options contracts
    250 e-mini futures contracts

    I pay esignal $114/month and use IB...IB doens't rebate any of that is better. plus 100k shares/month is a very small amount to overcome anyways.

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    yeah..that exactly what I'm trying to figure out...I was thinking that if I get some time later on I would call them and see if i can find out more.

  8. The answer is no mate ! You must be the joker at home. You display great social skills. Thanks for the kind remark AH

  9. This whole board is so testy latley....
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    Ok, so then what was the point in saying " you get what you pay for" if you have absolutely zero experience with the firm in question. You are just making worthless remarks that add zero substance to the forum and the serious questions asked.

    As far as my social skills....I'm not going to comment other than to say....go back to trading your 1 ES lots and 200 shares piker....and stop wasting the time of people who are simply searching out information that could help themselves and other traders as well.

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