Tracking Trading Performance Online

Discussion in 'Trading' started by buckoboy, Mar 7, 2009.

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    I want to know the best/most popular website to track trading performance. I have been a member of (profile name NateBZ) since 12-1-08 and do not like how it calculates returns. If I make a 5% profit in a single trade with 50% of my portfolio, Covestor will show my portfolio return for the day at 5% when in reality it's only 2.5%. Any suggestions and advise would be wonderful.
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    Does anyone use these websites, or is there a better way to track performance?
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    I went to covestor with my issue that their performance was not accurate and I just received a post back that states...

    "...yes we are nearing the launch of our new performance system. The main reason this occurs is because cash is not accounted for. With the new launch this will be taken into consideration so returns are more accurate. I hope this makes sense. Cash inclusion should be launched within the next month."