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  1. i have been manually tracking my performance for quite a while, and other than the obvious reasons of it being not only tedious, but tiresome, i have began to look for an "easier" method. is anyone familiar with ways in which this can be done? i'm sure that this may seem like a stupid question to those who have been mechanically tracking their performance for a while, but i haven't had much success in my search attempts.

    essentially, i'm looking for some way that i can simply export my daily reports from IB into another program that will simply track the data in a "user-friendly" way. by this i simply mean that i am trying to find something that will be able to compute all of the basic components of tracking a trading system (# of winners, # of losers, avg. per win, avg. per loss, avg. holding time, etc...) in a relatively intuitive fashion. is something like this available and i'm just not seeing it?

    i sincerely appreciate any suggestions/insight

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  3. I have been looking for the same exact thing for about a month to no avail - been using excel instead
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    I have been using tradelog and had a lot of problems. It's very low quality SW and terrific support.

    My strong suggestion or even warning: avoid tradelog, if you are not looking for trouble.

    Quicken has not so much to do with day trading. The main problem is that Quicken, as well as MS Money, can not properly match short trades, even for stocks.

    My suggestion would be to look at GainsKeeper or Captools. They both are supported by IB.

    An attractive feature of GainsKeeper that it exports data in XML format. Therefore it is more robust to changing structure of IB reports.
  6. thanks. appreciate your direction...

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    I now use 'see finance'. The only software i have ever use that imports accurately ib ofx files.