tracking capital inflows to the DOW

Discussion in 'Economics' started by ElectricSavant, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. What is...and where is the best way/place to track the inflowing capital to the Dow...

    I believe people are looking outside of Real Estate for making money on their money.

    Economists...remember to dumb it down and speak in "plain speak"...this is ES your posting to...


    P.S. My Dividend holdings do not go with the "ebb and flow" the market presents lately...this is my indicator and I know I am correct...I have tracked over 50 dividend stocks for one month now and they do NOT follow the market...they simply go up in value while making higher than average APR's compared to savings accounts in the USA.
  2. hehe..well I could lie...this is Baron your speaking
  3. When did the dividend issues ever track capital inflows in the broader market?

    Many of the larger dividend stocks on the DOW are international companies that are making money abroad, disjoined from the US economy. You can almost view these stocks as reverse ADR-esk derivatives that are bringing money into the markets in a very unique way.