Tracker for favoring option market BOX/ISE

Discussion in 'Options' started by NoMoreOptions, Apr 2, 2004.

  1. My friend told me pass on this information.

    For default market is ISE/BOX in TWS.


    For default market is CBOE/PHLX in TWS


    Avoid XYZ!!!!
  2. vega


    Have you ever had a post that makes sense ? Do you work for the ISE ? And how much have you learned from the mistakes you have made previously trading options ?

    I'll make you a deal, I'll make YOU (not anyone else on ET) a market in any option you want. How can I do this -- because I know that based on everything you say I'll be able to put up that trade at just about any price, not hedge it all, and have it be a HUGE winner.

    While your posts are idiotic, I must say that it does amuse me when you go on your weekly tirade about the EVIL CBOE taking your money. I hate to break it to you, but WORST CASE they're taking a dime from you compared to a bid/offer on a different exchange, and if that's all you're losing I'd be shocked. Reconsider your strategy, cuz I hate to break it to you but trading options is not your forte.


    I'd say I'm eagerly awaiting your response, but seeing how you just post something stupid and abandon the thread, guess I'll have to wait until next week:p
  3. vega


    Maybe you could actually post something that happened to you, a reason for the threads you start, and MAYBE someone may be able to help you, (although I don't know if there are any shrinks here on ET), but just saying CBOE stinks bunch-o-crooks is NOT going to help your profitability, learning from your mistakes will, and there are lots of people here that can give you guidance. Give it a thought.

  4. Maverick74


    Guys, I made nomoreoptions an offer and he wouldn't take it. He told me he doesn't know to trade options and he has no strategy. The truth is, he is clueless. I offered him money to trade for a month. He could keep whatever he made and if he lost it all, it was on me. He refused because he said he had no trading strategy and then wanted me to hire him to do work and pay him for that. LOL. This guy is a joke. Just ignore him.
  5. vega


    I try, but it's like seeing an accident on the highway, even though you know you shouldn't look, you just have to.:D

  6. ==================================


    I ve got some more valuable info for you;
    my banker dad taught me good work habits & even as a teenager,
    DAD repeated thing like
    ''that may or may not be true'':D

    John , speaking of teenagers, is that a household rule for you-
    John-no more stock options????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    I wouldnt have nicknamed you ''moreoptions ''if so;
    maybe nicknamed you ''more ''if thats a household rule for you-John , no more options.


    As kids we were NOT permitted to blame others for our mistakes also.
  7. Avoiding list:

    DIA (CBOE only)
    NT (PHLX default)
  8. NOK default is PSE. It is ok good fella.
  9. vega


    Please let us know when you are going to enter a trade in NOK on the PSE so that we can take the other side.

  10. Weasel


    How about Richard Goesinya. Maybe his friends would refer to him as "Dick". Or.....Haywood Jablowme?:D
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