TrackData compromised

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    I thought this was a phishing attack, but the link was legit:

    From: "Track Data Corp." <>
    Subject: Security Breach - Change Password

    August 24, 2007

    On August 23, 2007, our computer network security systems were
    Upon discovery, we immediately made system changes to further secure
    our network against the intrusion. To assist us in protecting your
    account information, we require you to change your User Password

    This can be done ( if you have a chat window)
    via chat/administrative/change password
    or by accessing our web site at

    We are continuing to investigate these issues with the help of computer

    security and incident response consultants. We will take further action

    as necessary to protect your information and we may make additional
    requests that you review and update certain information on your

    We take this matter very seriously and are committed to protecting
    the confidential information of our customers and preventing future

    Track Data Corp Management Team

    If you do not wish to receive any more e-mail regarding Track Data
    please forward this email message to