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    The purpose of this journal is to get my discipline back on track and document my trades. For now these are all paper trades. ESH04 1 lot buys executed on ask and 1 lot sales executed on the bid, mkt stops executed at 1st trade of stop price. My methodology is rsi & tick divergence on a 2min chart
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    Small range overnight 1156.5-58.75
    8:30(est.) numbers a little less than expected
    Yesterday hi/lo 1158.75/1152.25
    pivots 1159.5/62.25/53/49.25.
    No releases, no speakers, no gap
    probably a range bound morning at least
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    Thursday February 19, 2004 (all times EST)

    Overnight range 1151.5-57.25
    News Releases: watch out for the 10am & 12pm
    Yesterday hi/lo 1157/1148.25
    Pivots: 1152.5~56/61/47.5/43.5.
    Speakers: Moskow(chi) @ 1:30
    Gap: 1151-1158, (2/17 45.75-48.25)
    Daily: Up
    +Middle of up trend channel 1132-1183
    +3xma @1151, 10mma @ 1140
    Hourly: down 02/18/04 @3:30
    -3rd knock on 1158.75
    -RSI diverging on triple top of 1158
    +still above 72xma
    +resting on uptrend line from 2/5/04(1151-1202)