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    Anyone using TrackTrade as a broker....any thought or feedback on them?
  2. I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT TRACKTRADE ... BUT... I gave up looking for a substitute to interactive brokers a long time ago.. i long for the ability to contact a broker in the event of an emergency but every time i thought i found an alternative i discovered their trading platforms woefully inferior.. anyone able to refute my experience?? please let me know.... cause i have stopped the search... no more switching brokers based on promises and phony testimonials.
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    I am interested in feedback aas well
  4. i don't know about trackrade, but had very good experiences
    with trackdata.
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    I like the fact that TrackTrade offers one integrated platform.
    I also tried IB which is fine except that I can't find a good software partner. Esignal is not intuitive compared to RealTick.
    Can someone recommend a good charting software that works well with IB?
    Thank you
  6. Toonces


    I just opened an account with Tracktrade. Starting Tuesday. I'll post my experiences after a while. (Someone remind me in a couple weeks if I forget)
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    I hate to give a negative review after only a couple days, but so far their software is a joke. The charts are pretty weak, but the big problem I'm having is half the time I can't even change the symbol for a chart, level 2, etc. I'll type in a symbol repeatedly. Eventually it will show up as (for example) as "DELLDELLDELLDELLDELLDELL..." (because I tried several times unsuccessfully to change the symbol.) Then I'll get a message like "no such symbol as DELLDELLDELL..."

    I'll update again later, but so far I'm not impressed.
  8. Wow..the charts are weak?!? Thats surprise seeing as they are using AIQ for charting. I have used many charting services and AIQ is by far my fav. Keep us informed.
  9. Toonces


    I guess it depends on what you look for in a chart. I don't really use indicators; I just kind of eyeball charts to see what's going on. I find them hard to read at times. Maybe I'm just not used to them yet, but I liked Tradestation charts a lot better.
  10. Gotcha. Honestly I remember the first time I looked at AIQ`s charts they looked kind of funny. But once I got used to them all was good. Does tracktrade give you all the bells and whistles you get with AIQ and mytrack? I.E backtesting, ability to build custom indicators, color studies on the chart, realtime alerts?

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