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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by drprotrader, Jul 25, 2003.

  1. Any comments on Track Trade....
  2. maxpi


    Cheaper commish on first 500 shares than IB.

    Mytrack, from the same company, works pretty well and programmers say good things about their API.
  3. There is already another thread about track form two weeks ago....I don;t know if they are really cheaper then IB...Its the ol' SIX in on hand, or 1/2 dozen in the other.....After many years analyzing all price structures I havecome to a conclusion....If you add up ALL prices, fees ect......They are all within the same range
    give or take 20.00
  4. Ditch


    for futures it's only $0.20/rt less than IB. Imo not worth going through all the hastle, they will have to do better than that you take away any serious futures-business from IB.
  5. Toonces


    I'm demoing their software right now, and thier help guide shows that they charge ECN fees. (Although the help guide could be outdated.)
  6. alanm


    TM: I would agree that they're all within the same range, give or take $20.

    Only, for some broker comparisons, that might be give or take $20/month, while others might be give or take $20 per order.

    If you trade more than a few times a week, with something less than a 7-figure account, that's the difference between making a good living and a decent return, and being a net loser.

    Commissions do matter.
  7. jaiko


    MyTrack has one big advantage over IB ------If you need somebody you always get help immediately ( they have a real good costomer service )