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Discussion in 'Trading' started by bignatty, Mar 26, 2002.

  1. bignatty


    I have been a frequent spectator to this board for some time. The insight you all provide is very interesting. I started trading/investing about a year ago. So far I am about even . My strategy involves screening and holding for about 1year. I began with swing trading where I would put on a position at the open set a stop and walk away. I always maintained my discipline in taking stops. However, I became completely frustrated and knew this style did not fit my personality. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone cares to disclose thier long term track records and thier styles. It seems shorter term traders seem to make consistent profits. I realize to these folks $ matters % does not. However, I am interested to see how a longer term approach compares to a shorter term on a APY% basis
  2. Babak


    When you compare styles, that´s all you are doing. But when you start looking at specifics then you have to be aware that you are now comparing two different traders, not two different styles.

    The important thing here is that you pick a style that suits your strengths, resources, and personality. Trying to contort yourself into a style just because you believe that it supposedly gives a better ROI is suicide.