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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by fogut, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. fogut


    When a company asks you to submit a track record alongwith your resume, what information are they looking for ?

  2. mockney


    they usually want a summary of your PnL backed up by statements. What did you think they meant?
  3. fogut


    I was not sure about the level of detail they were looking for. For instance, are they only looking for the final number at the end of the year or are they looking for more specific information that that.

  4. mockney


    you want them to see as much detail as they need to make a decision about whether they want you to work/trade with them.

    If you're going to be trading company money, you need to be able to prove what sort of expectancy you can deliver AND the sort of downside risk that is required to deliver that.

    You could ask them what sort of stats they would like to see?
  5. Profit Factor, Sharpe/Sortino, Drawdown Analysis, length of times/# of trades, list of trades (assuming you are not in and out many times a day, in which case, a daily summary...), etc.

    And definitely, verifiable broker statements and/or audited results (like timertrac, collective2, futurestruth, timerdigest, hulbert, etc.)
  6. fogut


    Thanks for the reply.

    Another question I have is whether it is OK to have an account under your father's name if it benefits you significantly in tax money ? In another words, would it be difficult to convince them why it is under the father's name and not mine ?

    Thanks again.