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  1. Hello,

    I and my partner have created a trading system, and would like to create a track record. We have done rigorous testing. Walk-forward backtest, holdout sample (1 year), holdout sample (Nasdaq stocks) etc etc..

    The problems:

    -I am a student (working also)
    -He is temporarily physically disabled (can't work)
    -We have little money
    -The system needs to trade many stocks at a time to be consistent. (100/day)
    -Trades are expensive

    Does anyone have a solution?
  2. abogdan


    Yes, I do. Continue your education, get a good job, save some money, trade! Markets are not going anywhere, they will wait for you, don't you worry! If you think that your system is good and its worth investing in it then you should be the one who invested! If you are not sure about your system then share your system with an expert you somewhat trust. In the worse case scenario he will benefit from it so will you by knowing that it does work. There is no, really, any other solution. Belive me, I have been there a long time ago.
  3. Hey Morgan,

    I think we talked before, right?

    If you are who I think you are, contact me and I will help you out.


  4. simulated trading contests offered by firms

    or paper trading firms that for a small fee
    simulate "real market"conditions

    good luck
  5. Morgan,

    I have helped a few (2) traders in the past secure funds. unfortunately for you though the "only" way my funding source's are interested in funding any micro-hedge funds or even individual traders is with real "live" audited trading records. (usually at least 2 years of net positive result's of over "x") . That means you need somehow to secure some money and trade "live" for at least 2 years profitably.

    I know this doesn't get you to where you want to be right now, but it is an example of a real life scenario and how things "really' work in the real world.

    Good luck in your endeavors!

    rttrader1 -
  6. Armo



    I can't help you yet, but I'm interested to know your background from the point of view of devising your own system. Do you have computer programming skills which enabled you to do the sophisticated analysis necessary. If so, what language?? I don't have such capability but know I must acquire that skill, and want to know which direction to head.

  7. forget this guy, that time your system will no longer work
    start trading it now, with your own money....or go to a prop shop and trade it.......take classes in afternoons and evenings
  8. abogdan,

    We estimate that the system can manage 25++ million without significantly affecting performance (we performed liquidity checks). As such, we do not feel that trading the system with our own capital would be a good use of its capabilities.

    As for sharing it with someone we trust: We do not personally know anyone that would be in a position to trade it.



    Simulated trading contests do not seem to carry much weight. However, we may take this route (at least temporarily) via marketocracy or somesuch.



    Yes, I'm aware that in essentially all cases a real-time audited track record is neccessary. I'm just testing the water for other possibilities, since for any reasonably-sized account, that is pretty much the same as burning $ due to commissions.



    I have 3 years of physics and 3 years of business (finance specialization). My partner is an engineering grad who has a good knowledge of C++, which we use for our analyses.



    We have been, and are still considering the prop route, although the system holds overnight.
  9. agrau


    There was a discussion recently here on ET about selling the system and getting a share of profits. I don't have the thread at hand, but do a search if this is within the possible for you.
  10. lkh


    i have been using this to create a track record but it has problems. it limits you too much. some problems are;

    1. no shorting
    2. no options
    3. it adds 4 cents a share in fees. who pays 4 cents now days.
    4.restricts how much of account you can put into one position even if you use an etf.

    i have been looking for a better way to document picks but havent found it yet.
    #10     May 21, 2004