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Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by viewpoint, Oct 25, 2002.

  1. I signed up with a DAT broker. Their smart routing system lets me enable only a certain ECN's & preferencing methods.

    Initially I decided to enable only ISLD, INCA and SOES; partly because ISLD and INCA give rebates to orders adding liquidity.

    I noticed that Track ECN also gives $.002/share rebate, but I saw ET poll on ECN's which gives poor marks to Track ECN.

    Should I enable Track also, just in case the smart routing send it there, and I get a rebate? Or is Track so bad, that I should stay out of it?

    I'm new to DAT.
  2. Who are you trading with?
    Track rebate is .005/share.
  3. The rebate is shown as .002 and up to .005.

    I called the broker, myTrack; actually I think TRACK is their own ECN. They told me that the rebate is .002 but up to .005 after volume rebate.

    I asked if there's any volume rebate for someone trading about 1000 shares at most, and they said no.

    So I figure, I'll get .002 at most. Anyway, do u get TRACK rebates? How often? Once again, is it worth enabling TRACK on the smart routing? (the charge is .007 for orders taking away liquidity from TRACK.)