Track a stolen laptop?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by jhithers, Feb 9, 2008.

  1. jhithers


    Is there any way to do it? There is no software installed that would allow me to do so, but I have heard you might can do it if you know the MAC address.

    Any information is appreciated.
  2. naked1


    it all depends on the guy who stole it

    if he is like me (god's gift to humanity) he spoofed your MAC addr long ago

    if he is average dumb F

    he can be caught, or the person he sold it to. just contact all major companies

    give them your MAC addr (if you even have it)

    Yes it can be done if your guy is dumb

    don't you just love these clear cut answers
  3. maxpi


    GPS tradking would be better, you could find it yourself and get it back plus interest...
  4. jhithers


    There is no gps or special software installed.

    So, if they spoof the MAC address like you say, is there no other way to track my laptop?