TQQQ vs QQQ 22 Years Simulation

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    As TQQQ was created in 2010, there was no data older than 2010. I did a simulation from 1999 when QQQ was created.

    Video Link With Explanation:
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    So, be long when it's going up?!
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  3. Ex-ante. ;)
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  4. Not much meaning in this chart.... mostly because you wouldn't be holding in a leveraged vehicle during a bear market.

    The chart below justifies trying to do something with the TQQQ instead of the QQQ... if you can handle the volatility.

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  5. %%
    That's a way to make money with it.
    .In other words , the large prospectus is right=its not buy + hold\ like you could profit easier that way with spy +QQQ.
    Another way to profit with it\if you thought SEPT was gong to be down+ OCT tends to be a bear killer[bullish /uptrend]; you could most likely figure out a trade with it.
    NOT a prediction, not suitable for all investors/:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
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    TQQQ going for another JOY ride today!!!!!!!!!
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  7. fiftium


    This chart shows only from 2010 to today. My chart has a longer range from 1999 to today.
  8. %%
    LOL/Almost like sqqq[+7%] other inverse...........................................................
    NOT a prediction, not suitable for all investors:caution::caution: :caution::caution::caution::caution::caution::caution::caution:
  9. I can see that. My point was that your chart is meaningless.
  10. "Meaningless" is harsh, it literally shows more information. I would show both charts to someone unfamiliar with QQQ/TQQQ and/or leverage... Both charts in tandem help explaining how TQQQ turned out a changing investment for some people in hindsight, but carries certain risks. The zoom in on the good performance period for emphasizing what people probably expect when they buy and hold TQQQ...
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