Toyota Slashes GLOBAL Production By 46 Percent

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  1. Toyota Slashes Global Production By 46 Percent

    By Edward Niedermeyer
    May 29th, 2009

    Holy global overcapacity, Batman! Trading Markets reports that the world’s largest automaker is cutting Japanese production in half, and overseas production by 43 percent, as it struggles to touch bottom. Toyota and its Hino and Daihatsu subsidiaries will produce 433,979 units gobally in April, down 46 percent from April 2008. Exports from Japan have been hit especially hard, dropping 70 percent (year-on-year) in April. According to the WSJ, all of the Japanese majors are dramatically decreasing domestic production on falling sales. Even without bankruptcy filings, it seems everyone in the gobal car game is facing some form of reorganization. Like Renault/Nissan’s new attempt to find another $2b in “synergy” savings. Try looking under the couch cushions, guys.
  2. try slashing the price by 46%. there are jungles of unsold autos!
    ...i know, its cheaper to let them rot & weather on some old tarmac then to fire-sale. where are those pics again?
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