Toyota now #1 automaker in the world

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    LMAO... Probably
  2. GM, threatened by Toyota, vows to 'fight for every sale'
    Jan 5 11:13 AM US/Eastern

    General Motors boss Rick Wagoner insists the US company will not give up its position as the world's top automaker without a fight.

    Speaking ahead of this weekend's press opening of the North American International Auto Show, the GM chairman and chief executive said he was well aware of the seemingly unstoppable threat posed by Japan's Toyota.

    "I like being number one, and I think our people take pride in it. So it's not something we're going to sit back and let somebody else pass us," Wagoner told reporters on Friday.
  3. Memo from Chairman of Toyota Fujio Cho to Rick Wagoner:

    Thank you very much for your lunch that i have taken from you. I look forward to eating the rest of it whilst mounting your wife in the backseat of her Toyota.

    My goodness w e all knew that was going to happen but damn it was fast. Just a few weeks ago TM was neck and neck with Ford... Toyotas profit last year was more than the market cap of GM.... Ugly...

    All kidding waside - this is another shot in the arm to Americ uh to wake up. Wagoner just got dunked on.
  4. lol all i buy is toyota's now as its the best car out there. gm is junk and i see gm as a very small 4th tier company in 10 years. bottom line few people under 45 buy american cars. the perception still is they're built terrible wether true or not
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    I only buy toyota as well but will never buy honda because I hear people get screwed because they have tranny issues.

  6. yep but i also heard that people trade in trashed out broken down toyota's to the dealer and the dealer screws the little guy. so its like selling drugs to the middleman dealer and he sells the drugs to the guy on the street. you're still pushing the junk. go bitchy
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    It's called returning it back to where it orignally came from. Better give your friend his 5 big faces!
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