Toyota Domestic Output Skids 58.4% In March

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by ASusilovic, Apr 23, 2009.

  1. 1. Mazda Domestic Output Plunges 57.2% In March
    2. Honda Domestic Output Tumbles 40.3% In March
    3. Nissan Domestic Output Falls 55.6% In March

    The worst is over
  2. The worst is just starting.
  3. Just for the record : being sarcastic.:D
  4. Oh I didn't catch that. haha I'll keep that in mind when reading your posts :D

    I enjoy a good dose of sarcasm.

    So if Chrysler and GM are finally giving in to bankruptcy does that mean Ford is a buy?

    I guess I should of asked that question when F was $1.00
  5. Sure! The lower it goes, the "better" it gets. :cool:
  6. Perhaps all of the "buy American only" car buyers will avoid GM and Chrysler out of fear they won't be in business.... then, they all flock to Ford??? Maybe.
  7. 1) No dude, that would be a bunch of scat.
    2) US buyers will flock to the foreign brands that have manufacturing facilities in the US.
    3) That can create the appearance of "buying American".:cool:
  8. But that wouldn't do Ford any good...