Toyota ate GM's lunch again

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    ``To the average guy, Toyota is now the gold standard for autos,'' said George Magliano, the New York-based research director for Global Insight Inc. ``GM is not picking up enough of the retail customers to make up for their rental cuts, so they're losing sales across the board.''
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    depends on which part of the country you are in, some places you can hardly find a Toyota.
  3. I own 2 toyotas, 1 11 year Corolla, and a 4 year old Camry. Quality on the Camry is not as good as Corolla. Auto trans shifts hard sometimes. Toyota is mass producing too much and their quality has suffered, esp. on a few models.

    If I was buying the Camry now, I would buy a Hyundai Sonata or an Elantra for a Corolla replacement. They are the Toyota of 20 years ago, great quality in the last 4 years and a good price too. Toyota is milking their reputation it took them 20-30 years to build, you will pay for.

    Objectively speaking Ford and GM are much closer to Toyota in quality than they ever were. Heck I might give GM a chance. Just need a better style though.
  4. GM stock still goes higher though
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    I dont know about you, but where I am all the young kids are driving Honda Civics and Toyota corollas....Do I ever seeing them driving a GM, nope......
  6. american car makers need to hire new designers....
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    Both GM(malibu) and Ford( 500, 150) have improved their designs, The Camray and Accord are looking dull lately. GM and Ford quality is up there with Toyota and Honda for new car owners (JD Powers).
    Problem is resale. Honda/Toyota still command at least $1,000 per used car then GM/Ford. A GM 4 door sedan with 100,000 miles is worth only a few hundred dollars.

    Untill GM /Ford deals with that issue they will continue to lose
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    There is hope for GM and Ford...but it will require a monumental effort and huge expenditure on new designs and PR.

    Just look how Fiat have turned things around in the last three years. Had they not received a huge bail out and sqeezed GM on an option call they would have been dead and after some prudent and tough restructuring moves together with snappy new cars they are the darlings of european car manufacturing...
  9. Definately.

    Talk to someone from the South, say Smyrna Tennessee. You'll see Titans all over the place, but nary a Tundra or Tacoma.

    Where I live in North Idaho Subarus account for just about every other car on the road because of all wheel drive, but see how many you can find in Alabama. They don't need the all wheel drive. GM and Ford have a very strong hold in the South, even among the kids in their late teens and early twenties.
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    The new Camry looking Dull, haha, what are you talking about. Those cars are selling like crazy. The new honda that came out like 5 years ago didnt really look good in my opinion but sold well due to the fact its honda. Honda is now releasing its new generation accord this year along with a new redesigned coupe which I think will sell like extremely well.

    Like I said look at what the teenagers are driving, they are driving hondas and toyotas, in 30 years these teens will not be buying GM or Ford. I think its way too late for GM and Ford to make a niche in the market like Honda has done for the Civic and Toyota for the Corolla, TC and Matrix. Look around next time and notice who is driving the Toyota TC, that car is in very high demand for people between the ages of 17-20. You think they want a Saturn ION, hahaha.
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